Installing Ducted Air Conditioner

The essential guide when deciding on brand and zoning.

So Summer has just hit and your feeling the heat and in desperate need of installing a ducted air conditioner to keep your family cool.

This blog will give you a quick guide into things that need to be considered when purchasing a new ducted air conditioner for your home. 

Step 1. You need a qualified company who has all of their licences such as QBCC, Artic refrigerant Trading licence, electrical contractors licence, and if your system is over 14kw then they need to be cert 3 and up qualification for your systems insurance to stand up if a claim was ever required. 

Step 2. Site inspection and taking correct heat load calculations off house and assessing roof space size, the geographic of where the indoor and outdoor unit will be located and how many zones and outlets will be required.

Then you will need to choose whether you want a more simple style zone set up with one thermostat or multiple thermostats throughout your house and smart zone style setup that allows you to control it through your phone via wi fi.

Your professional should be able to give you the pros and cons and cost of each set up. 

Step 3. Is choosing a reputable brand that is going to provide 5 years warranty.

Your installer should recommend a brand and machine that they have personally seen perform year after year and hold up to the Australian summer conditions. 

Step 4. Now it’s time for your system to be installed.

Key things the installers need to get right are zoning names, drainage and ensuring no rodents can access your outdoor unit and destroy wires and pc boards.

After installation the install team need to explain to you how the system works including modes, temperature and zoning set up.