Repairing Air Conditioners

With technology always improving performance and efficiency of air conditioners today we find ourselves with lower electricity cost and lighter units.

However all of these technological advances hasn’t reduced the possibility of our air conditioners failing however it may have even increased.

When you are getting your air conditioner repaired the first thing to consider, is your air conditioner in warranty still.

Air con pcb

Most reputable brands will provide a 5 year warranty and if this is the case it’s important to have them repaired by a warranty agent for that specific brand of unit. 

Secondly your unit will usually flash a trouble code with lights on the indoor unit or bring up a number and letter code.

It’s important to record this so you can show the technician when he arrives on site.

If you just reset the power the fault will disappear and could add to the time it takes for a technician to correctly diagnose the problem.

The third thing to remember is often times pc boards will need to be ordered and there can be a sometimes be a wait for up to 2-3 weeks in summer periods so best to make sure your aircon is working before summer time hits.